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blaine_kurt's Journal

Blaine/Kurt - for Klaine Shippers
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A community dedicated to Blaine/Kurt from Glee!

A Blaine/Kurt Fan Community
Welcome to blaine_kurt, a fan community for all shippers of these two super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot characters.


1) All posts must pertain to Kurt, Blaine, Kurt/Blaine, Chris, Darren, or Chris/Darren. Basically, if it doesn't involve our boys? It doesn't belong here.

2) Please tag your posts. All fic posts must be tagged with an author tag and a rating tag. All art posts must be tagged with an artist tag, and an art tag. If you are posting a multi-chaptered fic and your highest rating is NC-17, though some chapters have a lower rating, please use the NC-17 rating tag. If you need an artist/author tag, just say so in your post and we'll get you one. If it's been a while and you still don't have a tag, contact a mod.

3) No bashing, please. This is a simple rule.

4) Spoilers go under cuts! A spoiler: anything that contains information about anything that has not yet been aired. This includes promo videos, pictures, sneak preview clips, etc.

5) Pictures or videos that are too big for the comm layout go under a cut! If you want to post more than one picture/video, only one of them may be outside the cut (but make sure said picture is not gigantic.

6) How to post:

Fan fiction - Fan fictions should have their title, a rating, a summary, a disclaimer and author's notes. Here's the code to help you out:

If your fic is R or NC-17, please post a warning. And all fics should be placed under a cut or a fake cut.

Icons - Anyone posting more than three icons should place them behind a cut. No more than three icons per teaser.

Artwork - Any artwork that is larger than 400x600 should be placed under a cut. You are welcome to put a small teaser above the cut if you'd like! Any art that is of an adult nature should have a warning and must be placed under a cut.

Feel free to ask any one of the mods if you are confused or need help!


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If you want to promote/affiliate/ask us questions, please go to the contact-a-mod post and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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